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Day Felice crafts a memory of destruction and rebirth in “Ashes”, the band’s second album. Therapeutic confessions and politics coexist with a mix of Romanticism and alt-rock, in a concept that frontman David Lindström describes as “contrast pop”. The lyrics were partly inspired by his difficult experiences as an actor…
May 14, 2021

Kristina Issa

Pop sounds of exile, departures, and longing are stitched together in Kristina Issa's pop project. The Swedish/Syrian artist and her band have brought their mix of jazz and folk influences to stages across Europe. Eloquent synthesizers, bouncy drums and saxophones, and even an occasional touch of rock bringing musicians like…
April 16, 2021


Sun-kissed piano rock sounds and an undertone of apocalyptic optimism coexist in “Summer”, an ambiguous soundtrack for the climate-anxious. Gothenburg quintet Day Felice livens up an imaginary summer party in the middle of the literal fires, with a nihilistic euphoria that reminds of classic end-of-the-world arena rock anthems by R.E.M.…
April 9, 2021
stardust day felice cover artwork


The glamourized alienation of addiction and celebrity decadence perform an anxious dance in “Stardust”, the second in a series of singles leading to Day Felice’s second album. Permanent wave with Romantic undertones, guided by the sound of a grand piano recorded in a local church. Gray emotions reminiscent of Gothenburg…
December 4, 2020

Go On

Swedish singer-songwriter and actor Day Felice returns with his album “Go On”, a synthesis of cinematic soundscapes following his debut singles as a solo artist. The selection merges the everyday poetry of bold lyricists like Rufus Wainwright with multifaceted chamber pop, evoking associations ranging from dark cabaret to Tom Odell.…
August 14, 2019


The sober but emotionally compelling single “Silence” is Swedish singer-songwriter Day Felice’s continuation after his summer debut. His instrumental approach elicits associations to Coldplay’s acoustic beginnings, however with a powerful straightforward poetry reminiscent of Patrick Wolf or Rufus Wainwright. “Silence” constitutes the most poetic track of Felice’s upcoming album, depicting…
July 18, 2019
autumn day felice cover artwork


Day Felice’s debut single “Autumn” rushes in like the scent of a late summer town. Drawing influences from Coldplay’s early piano rock and the solid lyricism of artists like Rufus Wainwright, the track conveys a colorful visual imagery in the middle of inner contradictions. The emotional complexity of “Autumn” is…
June 26, 2019

Day Felice

A romantic theatricality permeates Day Felice’s chamber/art pop, a Swedish band founded by singer-songwriter and actor David Lindström. Their multi-layered lyrics can remind you of Rufus Wainwright; but their love for colorful, cinematic emotional contrasts reveals a wide range of influences stretching from last century’s iconic singer-songwriters to 2000s piano…
June 26, 2019

Förstör Mig

Efter besvikelsen som följer ett sprucket förhållande kommer uppvaknandet. Ett ögonblick då allt blir tydligt, och man ser situationen utifrån med klart sinne. Denna hårda insikt är inspirationen bakom "Förstör mig", det senaste kapitlet i Feniks musiksaga och en av låtarna från den kommande EP'n.   Med de karaktäristiska gitarrbaserade refrängerna som redan existerar i Feniks sound så skapar Förstör Mig en intressant…
Rexius Records
January 19, 2018