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Sun-kissed piano rock sounds and an undertone of apocalyptic optimism coexist in “Summer”, an ambiguous soundtrack for the climate-anxious. Gothenburg quintet Day Felice livens up an imaginary summer party in the middle of the literal fires, with a nihilistic euphoria that reminds of classic end-of-the-world arena rock anthems by R.E.M. and Billy Joel.

There is a certain ambiguity in the warmest days of the year, as experienced by frontman David Lindström: “Summer has become a season of denial, to desperately look for the happiness that everyone seems to feel and ignore how my whole being screams that things are not OK. “

This emotional contradiction finds musical echoes all throughout the song: A majestic choir screams “It’s on fire!” while the band promises beautiful summers with a better humanity – but not now, maybe in a decade.

Lindström concludes that if there is any beauty in our current doom, it will be in the liberation of final moments: “The cataclysm becomes just as beautiful as a sunset, it’s the last dance, the last euphoric minutes of life.” So we celebrate and sunbathe, agreeing with the dreamy piano melodies making us convinced that this wasn’t our fault.

Day Felice has been earning local clout since 2020, building up to the release of the band’s second album in the spring. Their music was featured on Sveriges Radio and reviewed by Swedish blog Popmuzik as “The best to come from Gothenburg in a long time”.

While Lindström first became publicly known through his screen roles (HBO’s “Vikings”, “Blå Ögon”), music has been his central means of expression. After launching his solo career under Gothenburg- based Rexius Records in 2019, he gathered four rock musicians from the cultural scene of Gothenburg to form Day Felice in its current format.

The band released “Are We Ever” in the fall of 2020, their first single in their current line-up. “Summer” will be available on April the 9th.

A Beautiful Apocalypse

April 9, 2021