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Go On

Go On

Swedish singer-songwriter and actor Day Felice returns with his album “Go On”, a synthesis of cinematic soundscapes following his debut singles as a solo artist. The selection merges the everyday poetry of bold lyricists like Rufus Wainwright with multifaceted chamber pop, evoking associations ranging from dark cabaret to Tom Odell.

Felice’s instrumental approach in “Go On” hints at an early 2000s sound (Coldplay/Muse), but his take on unpolished emotional disclosure feels unequivocally contemporary. The glamorized melancholy of his influences is left behind to make room for unapologetic catharsis.

This fearless vulnerability is best depicted in tracks like “Weakness” or “Medicine”. But rather than presenting an uni-dimensional view of emotional struggle, the album is also permeated by hope.

A true highlight of the album, the fierce instrumental intensity of “Waterfalls” portrays repressed grief that unravels into turbulent outbreaks concerning isolation, drugs, power abuse and sexual misconduct in the film industry.

A more energetic quality is presented through “Go On”, the album’s notable oddball marked by a theatrical instrumentation reminiscent of dark cabaret. The song elicits recollections of “a chaotic, desperate night out”, in the artist’s own words.

Felice is one of those personalities where art precedes the medium: His exposure to the public eye has been established through acting. After kick-starting his career in Sweden through an appearance in “Blå Ögon” (2014), he got a role as Sigurd on HBO’s “Vikings” (2016).

The artist got signed to Rexius Records in 2018, releasing his debut singles “Autumn” and “Silence” last summer. The former earned him a feature on Swedish blog Popmuzik and a warm reception among European audiences.

He’s now preparing for the release of “Go On”. A collection of filmic sounds marked by a combination of youthful hope and a doze of adult cynicism to be released on September 23.

A Theatrical Collage of Emotions

September 27, 2019