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Miss Z

Miss Z

Swedish artist Ernest Noah returns with “Miss Z”, an 80s-inspired sonic extravaganza featuring his most theatrical vocal performance to date. The song constitutes the first single of Noah’s upcoming album, with a sophisticated production that pays an homage to retro hits in the manner of acts like The 1975. The icing on the cake is the artists’ remarkable singing technique, drawing inspiration from classics like Prince and George Michael.

As a songwriter, Ernest Noah has written top-of-the-charts hits for Japanese bands like Sexy Zone. “Miss Z” is his 4th single as a solo artist, after a succession of breakthrough releases last year including his debut with “Let It Be”.

With the release of “Miss Z”, Noah delves deep into his funk side, alternating with the occasional Motown-inspired vocal mannerism. His sophisticated songwriting is skillfully enhanced by Swedish producer John Åhlin.

The song isn’t a retro pastiche, tough: Åhlin’s ability to recreate the 80s distinctive sound design (especially when it comes to synth choices) is balanced with ultra-modern production techniques. This particular blend might draw associations to Chromeo’s electro-funk tendencies.

Ernest Noah’s career has been characterized by a chameleon-like creative versatility. Both collaborating as a songwriter and professionally performing as an artist, he’s interacted with musicians from, among others, Brazil, England, Denmark and Japan.

He got signed to Rexius Records in 2017 and released “Let It Be” in 2018, a single that earned him features on playlists like “New Nordic Friday” and “Good Vibes” by The Drunken Coconut.

His debut was also positively highlighted by blogs such as, cesarliveandloud and Aipate, who described Noah’s music as “an epic record, and possibly, a pop anthem”.

Miss Z will be available on August 16th, followed by the release of his debut album this fall.

Classy 80s Extravagance

August 16, 2019