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The powerfully relatable acoustic single “Flaws” marks Swedish band Travel With The Sun’s second release this year. Following the warm reception of “Dry Ink” in Latin America and Europe, the quartet now presents us with the naked vulnerability of an acoustic love confession that might draw associations to Muse.

Evoking the conclusive feeling of a show’s end credits, “Flaws” demonstrates the band’s broad musical versatility without abandoning their characteristic filmic sound. Together with “Dry Ink”, the track will be included in the band’s upcoming album “Psycho”, to be released in November.

With a simple, honest piano arrangement accompanied by a luscious cello melody, Travel With The Sun conveys what might be one of the bravest love acts: The confession of one’s flaws, all while expressing gratitude for the partner’s unconditional acceptance.

Just like the band’s overall artistic concept, Anton Björklund’s vocals display a multifaceted range of performance. Departing from Dry Ink’s theatrical rendition of quiet desperation, he now sings with a more sober technique that communicates love in all of its complexity. Björklund’s own participation in the track’s production together with Andres Johansson unifies the song’s minimalistic approach.

Travel with the Sun started in 2014 as a jamming experiment in Ulricehamn. What sounded as pop punk/rock in the beginning evolved into more complex songwriting as the band’s members studied music production. They released their debut album “Twentyseventeen” in 2017.

A signing with Rexius Records followed that year, in addition to intensive recording sessions in preparation for the release of their single “Dry Ink” earlier this summer.

The song earned them positive reviews on blogs like Velvety and a broad audience in countries like Paraguay, Mexico and the UK.

“Flaws” will be available on August 23rd, building up for the release of their album “Psycho”, a new voyage through the European musical galaxy in the autumn of 2019.

The bravest of love confessions

August 23, 2019