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Fire Is Gone

Fire Is Gone

Swedish electropop artist Victor Morssali returns with his chill summer single “Fire Is Gone”. Following the positive Latin American reception of his breakthrough debut EP “You & I”, he now presents us with the gentle conclusion of a love story. With its house-influenced vibes reminiscent of Jax Jones or Calvin Harris, the track might also hit home among EDM listeners.

The Latin sensuality of Victor’s previous singles is still preserved in “Fire Is Gone”, however shifting towards a more European club sound. The introductory melody, with its exotic sound, may even give you a bit of an unintentional oriental vibe, courtesy of Swedish producer Henrik Tran.

The sad story in the verses progresses into a highly contagious chorus, all while maintaining an overall laid-back sound that evokes associations to an afternoon by the pool. This makes “Fire Is Gone” a perfect candidate for chill EDM playlists in spite of its bittersweet lyrics.

A half Iranian with a strong love affair with the Mediterranean lifestyle, Victor Morssali could be described as a peculiar fusion between every mother-in-law’s dream and the passion and romantic determination of the Latin Lover. He fell in love with the Latin passion for life while he was working as a bartender in Madrid.

During his time in Spain, Victor was only making music as a side project, releasing his first single “Tonight” in 2015. Back in Sweden, with a backpack full of memories, he wrote and recorded the songs gathered on his debut EP “You and I”. The compilation was released through his label Primus/Rexius Records in the summer of 2018 and has earned him over a half million streams worldwide.

His upcoming single “Fire Is Gone” will be available on July 19th.

A Gentle Summer Goodbye

July 19, 2019