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The sober but emotionally compelling single “Silence” is Swedish singer-songwriter Day Felice’s continuation after his summer debut. His instrumental approach elicits associations to Coldplay’s acoustic beginnings, however with a powerful straightforward poetry reminiscent of Patrick Wolf or Rufus Wainwright.

“Silence” constitutes the most poetic track of Felice’s upcoming album, depicting the serene acknowledgment of a broken relationship. A minimalistic song in an otherwise theatrical selection, with an evolving piano texture that keeps the music slowly moving forward like a bicycle on a foggy autumn road.

Felice’s classical roots are evident in his piano performance, where the musical content is never static. This differentiates his sound from 2000s piano rock: The musical material in “Silence” is never repeated exactly the same way. But the song is still definitely pop, owing in great part to the production of Alexander Asp (better known for “Cold Winter Love”).

The lyrics’ insightful view of heartbreak is an example of Day Felice’s remarkable ability to convey multifaceted feelings in simple words: “I must write in this silence / Before silence has written everything in me”. This is not just “a sad song”, but a rather realistic, convoluted mix of tiredness, nostalgia and regret.

The creativity behind Day Felice’s lyrics is inspired to a certain degree by his experience in the acting world. His career kicked off through an appearance in “Blå Ögon” (2014), later progressing into a role as Sigurd on HBO’s “Vikings” (2016).

After playing with various musical ensembles, Day Felice got signed to Rexius Records in the beginning of 2018 and released his debut single “Autumn” last summer. The track earned him a feature on prominent Swedish blog Popmuzik and a warm reception among European audiences.

Felice is now preparing for the release of “Silence” in September the 6th, followed by his debut album “Go On” later this fall.

The Poetry of Quiet Acceptance

September 6, 2019