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Day Felice’s debut single “Autumn” rushes in like the scent of a late summer town. Drawing influences from Coldplay’s early piano rock and the solid lyricism of artists like Rufus Wainwright, the track conveys a colorful visual imagery in the middle of inner contradictions.

The emotional complexity of “Autumn” is mirrored by a piano sound that dares beyond pop conventions and ventures into classically-influenced textures as the song progresses. Felice’s performance subtly adds layers of detail, going from a catchy introductory melody to a vibrant last chorus accompanied by a rich instrumental palette.

All the while, Autumn’s lyrics ponder on subjective realizations of a young soul with an adult mind. The death of summer may be imminent, but the protagonist of this story is ready to move ahead, holding on to a courageous, daring hope.

“Beauty over everything else” could be Felice’s artistic motto, crystallized by the production of Alexander Asp, who recorded and mixed “Autumn” and the upcoming tracks of Felice’s debut album in Rexius Record’s studio.

The creativity behind Day Felice’s lyrics is inspired to a certain degree by his experience in the acting world. His career kicked off through an appearance in “Blå Ögon” (2014), later progressing into a role as Sigurd on HBO’s “Vikings” (2016).

The release of “Autumn” marks Day Felice’s public debut as a singer-songwriter, but this isn’t his first contact with music. The Gothenburg-based artist has been composing for both bands and theater for years, with roots in a classical piano training that began in his childhood.

After playing with various musical ensembles, Day Felice got signed to Rexius Records in the beginning of 2018. He’s now preparing for the release of his debut single “Autumn”. The first track of an upcoming album full of powerful theatrical soundscapes which will be available this summer.

autumn day felice cover artwork

Filmic Soundscapes of Hope

July 12, 2019