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Dry Ink

Dry Ink

A track that feels like it was created for an unwritten epic film, “Dry Ink” is Swedish band’s Travel With the Sun first release after a two-year hiatus. A powerful blend that navigates soundscapes beyond rock, combining an innovative approach similar to bands like Imagine Dragons and a sophisticated songwriting with hints of Muse.

From the carefully crafted strings in the intro to the explosive entrance of the chorus, “Dry Ink” leaves you unarmed. The vocals may remind you of Matthew Bellamy, but the bold performance of the hook departs to more aggressive territories. This isn’t post-rock for the faint of heart.

Even without the lyrics, a story writes itself in your mind while listening to “Dry Ink”.
However, a curious paradox is revealed through the words: Frontman Anton Björklund is singing about a quiet, inner day-to-day despair, but the music supporting these reflections is relentless and energetic. It keeps you on your toes like a great action trailer.

Part of what makes Dry Ink such a cinematic song is its rich sound, including a string section and a choir. It’s all carefully arranged and balanced by the production of Anton and Robin together with the Swedish producer Andreas Johansson.

Travel with the Sun started in 2014 as a jamming experiment in Ulricehamn. What sounded as pop punk/rock in the beginning evolved into more complex songwriting as the band’s members studied music production.

They released their debut album “Twentyseventeen” in early 2017, receiving positive reviews from blogs like Rockfarbror.

A signing with Rexius Records followed that year, in addition to intensive recording sessions in preparation for the release of their single “Dry Ink” this summer. An introductory track to their second album, to be released as a new voyage through the European musical galaxy in autumn 2019.

Post-Rock with Cinematic Proportions

July 5, 2019