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The One I Can’t Forget

The One I Can’t Forget

Electropop artist Victor Morssali is back on stage with “The One I Can’t Forget”, his new single on a series of EDM-inspired releases with a common Mediterranean theme. The track’s house influences are evocative of Jax Jones, however with a more relaxed exotic atmosphere that brings Triana Iglesias or Loud Luxury to mind.

The unifying concept in Morssali’s latest singles is a summer nostalgia filtered through a particular combination of Mediterranean lifestyle and his Swedish-Iranian background.

“The One I Can’t Forget” is introduced by an alluring Spanish guitar melody, nuanced by the unmistakable bends that became popular in tropical house hits. This EDM approach to acoustic guitar tunes gives the song an exotic oriental touch recognizable in Morssali’s latest sound, brought to life by Swedish producer Henrik Tran.

The lyrics transport us to the memories of a one-night lover, remembering the intensity of the fleeting passion with a mix of regret and hope for a second night. The highly memorable melody of the chorus makes “The One I Can’t Forget” a suitable track for relaxed EDM selections with a sunset vibe.

A half Iranian with a strong love affair with the Mediterranean lifestyle, Victor Morssali could be described as a peculiar fusion between every mother-in-law’s dream and the passion and romantic determination of the Latin Lover. He fell in love with the Latin passion for life while he was working as a bartender in Madrid.

Back in Sweden, with a backpack full of memories, he wrote and recorded the songs gathered on his debut EP “You and I”. His latest single, “Fire Is Gone”, earned him features on two Swedish Spotify Editorial playlists and DJ networks from Russia, Canada and Germany.

His upcoming single “The One I Can’t Forget” will be available on September 20th.

Leaving a Mediterranean Imprint

September 20, 2019