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The glamourized alienation of addiction and celebrity decadence perform an anxious dance in “Stardust”, the second in a series of singles leading to Day Felice’s second album. Permanent wave with Romantic undertones, guided by the sound of a grand piano recorded in a local church. Gray emotions reminiscent of Gothenburg acts like Broder Daniel are also present, but always in contrast to the song’s decisive bursts of piano rock in the style of Muse or Keane.

The concept of “stardust” is connected to ambiguous lyrical meanings: The brief material existence of our body, but above all the psychoactivity of cocaine and the hollow allure of stardom. As a screen actor known for roles like Sigurd in HBO’s “Vikings”, frontman David Lindström is familiar with this convulsive combination:

“‘Stardust’ is about addiction and short-lived validation, the disgusting thought of dying young so you’ll never need to take responsibility.”, he explains. “It’s the escape from reality that one can experience in the high of celebrity and party culture, that kind of shimmer in parties with no boundaries and depraved celebrity behavior.”

This cocktail of excesses is expressed by an energetic alt-rock lineup led by a nearly-Romantic piano sound that carries on in downward spirals of harmony. The fine line between a pop song and niche permanent wave bands isn’t always defined.

While Lindström first became publicly known through his screen roles, music has been his central means of expression. After launching his solo career under Gothenburg- based Rexius Records in 2019, he gathered four rock musicians from the cultural scene of Gothenburg to form Day Felice in its current format.

The band released “Are We Ever” in the fall of 2020, their first single as a band. Their digestible piano rock with baroque pop tones earned them a feature on Swedish radio station P4 and renowned Swedish outlet Popmuzik.

“Stardust” will be available on January 29th, followed by a couple of singles leading to Day Felice’s second album, to be released throughout 2021.

stardust day felice cover artwork

One Word, a Dozen Oblivions

January 29, 2021