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Henry Em captures the liberating feeling of leaving a bad relationship behind in “CNT B US”, her first release with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. The Swedish singer-songwriter draws inspiration from the showmanship of icons like Ariana Grande, combined with a self-assured message reminiscent of Scandinavian figures like Zara Larsson or Molly Sandén.

“CNT B US” depicts the apathetic moment in a relationship when you could care less if your soon-to-be-ex isn’t interested in staying. The decision of leaving isn’t friction-free: The song’s lyrics oscillate between bittersweet realizations of what used to be and the need to stay in touch after parting ways.

But the desire for freedom and change prevails. “Can you feel the wind on your face? It can take you some other place”, Henry Em sings, wishing for the other person to go and explore the world just like she would.

Even though her sound is still consolidating, certain common themes have emerged in Henry Em’s songs. Her debut single “Say” (2018) and its successor “I Don’t Know You” (2019) are characterized by mid- to slow-tempo beats with certain R&B elements. Her style is also influenced by the combination of self-reliant, sometimes bittersweet lyrics blended with upbeat production that is so prevalent in Swedish pop.

Soon after the release of “I Don’t Know You”, Henry Em got signed to Rexius Records and has been preparing for the release of “CNT B US”. The upbeat tone of the song was shaped by producer Henrik Tran, who has recently started specializing in female vocals (Shalisa Taylor, Sanna Martinez). “CNT B US” will be available in February 2021.

Cutting Loose from the Drama

February 5, 2021