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Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go

Ernest Noah warms up the icy Swedish January with “Never Let You Go”, the second in a series of singles portraying the here-and-now of romance. The song evokes the instant immortality of sensual love, with a very corporeal dance beat and pulsating rhythmic textures in the verses. Noah’s performance culminates with the almost breath-like quality of the chorus, rich in vocal harmonies and a retro style reminiscent of Chromeo or The Midnight.

His recent music is characterized by a balanced blend of 80s classic songwriting and modern pop that has been formerly praised by blogs like Popmuzik and Aipate. “Never Let You Go” presents a more organic sound than its predecessor “Similan”, slightly departing from ethereal synths and giving space to a steady, clean electric guitar and bass texture.

Noah’s versatile vocals elicit different associations throughout the song: “I got really inspired by Prince’s falsetto, especially in the verses”, he explains. Combined with producer John Åhlin’s state-of-the-art production, the chorus might even have a slight French-electro touch to it.

The Swedish artist had been earning a reputation as a songwriter long before getting signed to Rexius Records in 2017. He crafted top-of-the-charts songs for Japanese boy band Sexy Zone and released the single “Fight Until We Fall” under the name ColorShift in 2015. This collaboration with producer Ben Buster captured the attention of Swedish radio and made it to the top 10 for upcoming artists.

Noah’s debut single “Let It Be” was released in 2018, described by music outlet Aipate as “an epic record, and possibly, a pop anthem”. After a few other singles, his first album “Gold” was released in 2019 as an homage to George Michael, marking the 35th anniversary of Wham’s “Make It Big”.

“Never Let You Go” will be available on January 15th, followed by a few other singles in the series to be released throughout 2021.

A Touch of Transcendence

January 15, 2021