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Shalisa Taylor now presents “One”, the most pop-influenced song in a new series of singles she started releasing in September. An instrumentally rich song portraying romantic uncertainty and lost chances, with a lyricism that reminds of straightforward classics like Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why”.

While Taylor’s vocals are still characterized by her soul influences, the songwriting approach of “One” is markedly pop. The monumentally contrasting chorus is characterized by a highly memorable melody that serves as a vehicle to the song’s underlying question: Could that person be “the one”?

While the chorus confronts the doubt directly, the verses are full of the subtleties that accompany romantic ambiguity: Regretful rumination, phone calls that never happen, and a facade hiding it all. The build-up is slow but steady, with every chorus iteration presenting a richer sound than the previous one.

The song finally abandons the listener with the afterthought of lost chances, with Taylor’s vocal fading to a nearly whispered tone.

Shalisa Taylor’s vocal performance draws inspiration from timeless figures the likes of Norah Jones and Adele. In 2017, her song “Fight” debuted on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks. This captured the attention of Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, which has been her label ever since.

Her recent release “Right” earned her a feature on renowned Swedish blog Popmuzik and Portuguese outlet Caesar Live N Loud, among others.

Taylor is currently preparing for the release of “One” in January, followed by a few more singles with a similar aesthetic approach.

Tones of Hesitant Romance

January 22, 2021