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Norwegian pop artist Christine Ekeberg explores the rough edges of the mind in “Drama”, her first single under Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. A straightforward acceptance of inner turmoil, with certain trap influences reminiscent of hits such as “Bad at Love” (Halsey) or “Hurts So Good” (Astrid S).

While throughout her career Ekeberg has been mostly known as a singer, the release of “Drama” constitutes a personal approach to songwriting. This is a song 100% her own, with a message close to her heart.

Her lyrics give a sense of belonging to a bit of an outcast personality: “What often characterizes my songs is that from a young age I have felt a little different. I have always had other interests than many around me.”

While this estrangement has fueled Ekeberg’s musical creativity, it has come at a cost: “I am not particularly tall and was often bullied in childhood because of this. I think these different things in me have given me a need and a desire to always get better.”

And gotten better she has, in every aspect of her musicianship. But far from presenting a well-constructed image of perfection, songs like “Drama” reveal unpolished layers: “There is also a side of me that is “darker” that I am good at hiding behind the smile and the quick remarks. This is more or less reflected through my music.“ The song was produced by Henrik Tran, known for pop earworms like “So Low Solo” by Sanna Martinez.

Christine Ekeberg has been a topliner for European EDM producers in recent years, among them Ljung (Sweden) with the song “Under Water”. The 2018 hit has reached over a million streams as of 2020.

Her feature with Ljung connected her to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, a label she has been signed to since 2019. “Drama” will be released on November 20th.

Embracing the Mess

November 20, 2020