stardust day felice cover artwork


The glamourized alienation of addiction and celebrity decadence perform an anxious dance in “Stardust”, the second in a series of singles leading to Day Felice’s second album. Permanent wave with Romantic undertones, guided by the sound of a grand piano recorded in a local church. Gray emotions reminiscent of Gothenburg…
December 4, 2020

Act I: It Starts With a Bow

Roll back the theater drapes and immerse yourself into the first act of Wolver's victorian rock opera. The remarkable travelling show from Sweden now presents "Act I: It Starts with a Bow": Stories whispered by a messenger raven with a sound reminiscent of Royal Blood's debut album, at times also…
September 11, 2020


Swedish rock trio Wolver presents us with “101”, the second single building up to their debut album. The energetic banger portrays satirical meta-commentary on being a rock band and following your dreams in this day and age, with memorable riffs in a style reminiscent of The Black Keys and certain…
April 16, 2020

My Wife, the Witch

Wolver's nomadic spectacle narrates stories of a parallel world with problems much different from our own, where magic and prophecies intertwine with the complexities of human nature. With majestic Queen-like vocal harmonies and the most varied flavors of theatrical rock, "My Wife, the Witch" recounts the unfair condemnation of a…
February 19, 2020


Behold the marvelous traveling show of Wolver, a Swedish trio of peculiar entertainers: The Protagonist (lead vocals and guitar), The Brawler (drums), and The Charmer (guitar). In a world parallel to ours where prophecies and magic still rule over human existence, their nomadic spectacle enlightens audiences with a sound that…
February 18, 2020


Travel With the Sun's new album "Psycho" could be defined as the majestic soundtrack to an imaginary epic film. The band merges grandiose sophisticated instrumentals with vulnerable lyricism, creating a synthesis that brings the stadium sound of Imagine Dragons or Muse closer to heartwarming complicity with the listener. Balancing heartbreaking…
September 26, 2019


The vulnerable catharsis of “Reasons” marks Swedish band Travel With The Sun’s third single release in preparation for their upcoming album. Retrieving bits of hope in the midst of a fatal dilemma, the cinematic sound of the track could be described as a creative marriage between the intimist stomp-pop from…
September 17, 2019

Day Felice

A romantic theatricality permeates Day Felice’s chamber/art pop, a Swedish band founded by singer-songwriter and actor David Lindström. Their multi-layered lyrics can remind you of Rufus Wainwright; but their love for colorful, cinematic emotional contrasts reveals a wide range of influences stretching from last century’s iconic singer-songwriters to 2000s piano…
June 26, 2019

Travel With The Sun

From Ziggy Stardust to Muse, the abundance of space-inspired songs and albums proves that the glorious spirit of intergalactic exploration suits rock music quite well. The figure of the brave cosmic traveler has a lot in common with some of the greatest guitar heroes and stadium rock bands, who in…
June 26, 2019

Dry Ink

A track that feels like it was created for an unwritten epic film, “Dry Ink” is Swedish band’s Travel With the Sun first release after a two-year hiatus. A powerful blend that navigates soundscapes beyond rock, combining an innovative approach similar to bands like Imagine Dragons and a sophisticated songwriting…
June 12, 2019