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“Beneath the Disco Ball” – Dancing the Troubles Away

Plastic Poetry’s New Song About Escaping the Burdens of Everyday Life Scottish indie rock band Plastic Poetry is ready to release their latest single, “Beneath the Disco Ball” on March 15th. Echoing the sound of bands like The Smiths and Franz Ferdinand, the song reflects on the difficulties of early…
February 8, 2024

Plastic Poetry

Plastic Poetry: Timeless Beauty in the Age of Artificiality A Unique Blend of Nostalgia and Modernity in Scottish Indie Rock Scottish indie rock band Plastic Poetry is a question and an answer in itself. Finding inspiration in bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths, their essence blossoms through a…
February 8, 2024

“Cold Hands” – A Collection of Microcosms

Dust City Opera Returns With A New Multifarious EP Albuquerque-based alt-rock band Dust City Opera is set to release their new EP “Cold Hands” on March 8th. With influences ranging from Radiohead to The Handsome Family to Alt-J, the EP represents a step forward in the band’s artistic evolution as…
January 24, 2024

Dust City Opera

This unexpected alt-rock orchestra materialized out of Albuquerque, New Mexico but they might as well have slipped through an intergalactic portal or stowed away on a derelict spacecraft before crashlanding in the desert. Dust City Opera—Paul Hunton , Clara Byom , Travis Rourk , Scott Brewer , and Jesse Culberson…
January 18, 2024

“Use Soap” – When the Band Becomes a Song

Use Soap’s New Song Captures Their Core Essence Swedish rock band Use Soap is ready to release their eponymous new song “Use Soap” on January 26th. Echoing the ‘90s alternative rock influence of bands like Supergrass and Levellers, the band has crafted a song that is meant to capture their…
January 17, 2024


DAVIDD is a beacon of authenticity in the indie music landscape. Drawing influences from bands like Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, and early Kings of Leon. His songs are a strange kind of public therapy, an open exploration of all the messy, emotional human stuff. Unvarnished and unpretentious, his music…
December 12, 2023

“I Don’t Mind” – When Pain Clouds All Memories

J. M. Faupel’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Memories American alternative rock artist J. M. Faupel is set to release his latest single “I Don’t Mind” on December 8th. Echoing the sounds of bands like Parabelle, Evans Blue, and Three Days Grace, this powerful song narrates the story of the aftermath…
November 13, 2023

“Made In China” – The Recording of a Live Classic

Use Soap’s Gripping New Single  Swedish rock band Use Soap is set to unveil its latest single, “Made In China,” on November 24th. Drawing from the essence of '90s alternative rock, the song pairs a reflective atmosphere with a resounding, expressive chorus, crafting a sound that is perfect for the…
October 30, 2023

“This Feeling” – Escaping Your Emotions

California Kids’ New Song About Love and Fear American indie rock band California Kids are gearing up to release their newest single, “This Feeling,” on November 3rd. Echoing the sounds of The Strokes and The 1975, the song reflects on the difficulties of coping with feelings in a relationship. With…
October 6, 2023

“Wasted Land (Acoustic)”: The Calm Before the Storm

A Bridge from BaYaT's Past to Their Exciting New Chapter Serbian hard rock band BaYaT is set to release a poignant acoustic rendition of “Wasted Land,” the song that closed their striking debut album “So It Begins.” Scheduled for release on October 6th, the track resonates with the potent sounds…
September 12, 2023