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“Beneath the Disco Ball” – Dancing the Troubles Away

Plastic Poetry’s New Song About Escaping the Burdens of Everyday Life

Scottish indie rock band Plastic Poetry is ready to release their latest single, “Beneath the Disco Ball” on March 15th. Echoing the sound of bands like The Smiths and Franz Ferdinand, the song reflects on the difficulties of early adulthood and the small moments of solace found on the dancefloor.

With its fun bassline and festive groove, “Beneath the Disco Ball” marks a return to the sound of Plastic Poetry’s early releases, showcasing the band’s charisma and chemistry in a song that has received praise from fans during live performances.

Inspired by the band’s experiences with day-to-day jobs and their disillusionment with normal life, the song describes the small respite that they find in the rare nights of dancing and partying at the disco, celebrating the short moments of freedom from the burdens of everyday life.

“Beneath the Disco Ball” was written by Plastic Poetry and co-produced by the band and producer Mark Morrow, who also mixed and mastered the track. It was recorded in 2023 at the studio Mark Morrow Audio in Edinburgh.

With its elegant mixture of nostalgia and modernity, Plastic Poetry is a band that appeals to those burdened by the hardships of modern life and those who cherish the beauty of timeless art. Since 2017, the band has released various EPs and singles. In 2023, they teamed up with Rexius Records, hoping to share more of their timeless music with the world.

Don’t miss the comforting embrace of the disco lights when “Beneath the Disco Ball” is released on March 15th.

Photo: Louise Deschamps

Artwork: Simon Renström

Plastic Poetry