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Plastic Poetry

Plastic Poetry

Alternative Rock

Rexius Records

Glasgow, UK

Plastic Poetry


Plastic Poetry: Timeless Beauty in the Age of Artificiality
A Unique Blend of Nostalgia and Modernity in Scottish Indie Rock
Scottish indie rock band Plastic Poetry is a question and an answer in itself. Finding inspiration in bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths, their essence blossoms through a unique nostalgic charm, bringing solace to those who seek to find meaning in the remembrance of other times.

Plastic Poetry encounters a unique magic in the intersection of the past and the present, their songs reflect on the hardships of existence, finding comfort in humor and the certainty of timeless beauty.

The Glasgow band has released several EPs and singles since their 2017 debut. In 2023, they signed with Rexius Records, as they continue to craft timeless post-romantic beauties for those in need of life-saving.


“Beneath the Disco Ball” – Dancing the Troubles Away

Release Date: March 15, 2024