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Dust City Opera

Dust City Opera

Alternative Rock, Hard Rock

Rexius Records

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Dust City Opera


This unexpected alt-rock orchestra materialized out of Albuquerque, New Mexico but they might as well have slipped through an intergalactic portal or stowed away on a derelict spacecraft before crashlanding in the desert.

Dust City Opera—Paul Hunton [vocals, guitar, songwriter], Clara Byom [clarinet, accordion], Travis Rourk [trombone, vocals, synth], Scott Brewer [bass], and Jesse Culberson [drums]—tell harrowing tales of sadness, madness, and mishaps. With each performance illuminating the space between death and humor, this quintet becomes the soundtrack to stories steeped in cosmic horror and transcendence.

In many ways, it fulfills frontman and sonic ringmaster Paul Hunton’s destiny. Under the
influence of everything from H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King to Tom Waits and Soundgarden,
he founded Dust City Opera at the top of 2018.

In the wake of losing both of his parents to suicide, Paul initially transmuted the pain of these
harrowing losses into the group’s 2019 full-length debut, Heaven. “After my parents passed, I
felt free to make my own choices and live my own life,” he admits. “In the past, there was a lot of
pressure for me to be something other than who I was. So, I pursued songwriting. My sense of
humor got a little darker through my experiences.”

This honesty appealed to audiences. After building a cult following and raising tens of
thousands of dollars on Kickstarter to launch their next chapter, the group perfected their
otherworldly vision on the band’s 2022 full-length album, Alien Summer, which was awarded
Best Rock Album at the 2023 New Mexico Music Awards. Adding to their accolades, Dust City
Opera was named Gold Artist of the Year by Modern Musician and awarded Top Rock
Group at the 2023 New Mexico Entertainment Awards.

They continue to venture far from the desert, with a forthcoming EP release with Swedish label
Rexius Records, and touring aspirations for Canada, Europe and Mexico in 2024-2025.

Dust City Opera will draw you deep into their mad world of storytelling, so enter with caution.
You may find yourself abducted by ancient aliens, lost in haunted fog, or more fascinating yet:
face-to-face with your own insanity, with no way out.


“Cold Hands” – A Collection of Microcosms

Release Date: March 8, 2024