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“Run the Show” – Channeling the Magic of the Big Stage

Bukolik’s Enthralling New Song

Serbian-based alternative rock band Bukolik is set to release their electrifying new single “Run the Show” on June 7th. Inspired by bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Portugal. The Man, the song’s funky vibes and energetic chorus are bound to transport listeners into the magic of a big music festival.

The song’s lyrics portray the magnetic energy of a performer “owning the show” in front of a vast audience. Drawing inspiration from the great Muhammad Ali, the track’s bridge channels the icon’s mythical energy as it amps up the musical energy, visualizing a unique live performance.

“Run the Show” was written by Mihajlo Simić and Bogdan Marković, and features lyrics co-written by Luka Vukašinović. The song was recorded in Belgrade’s Huskee Studio, under the expert guidance of producer Mirko Luković (who also mixed and mastered the track). Often considered the band’s sixth member, Luković brought the best out of the band’s sound through an arduous recording process.

Bukolik is a unique band that bridges individual musings to universal perspectives, shedding light on the beauty of the world while sharing music full of gratitude and immense optimism. With “Run the Show,” they aim to portray the beauty of live music, capturing the unity and excitement of their early major live performances.

Since their 2018 formation, Bukolik has continued to grow and evolve. In 2023, the band signed with Rexius Records, ready to share more of their music with the world. 

Don’t miss the release of “Run the Show” on June 7th, and immerse yourself in its electrifying sound.

Artwork: Bogdan Marković

Photo: Dimitrije Tanaskovic