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Bones in Butter

Bones in Butter


Rexius Records

Belgrade, Serbia

Bones in Butter


Bones in Butter – The Sound of a Mysterious Journey
Eclectic Sounds and Lyrical Depths in Serbian Post-Punk
Bones in Butter is a versatile Serbian post-punk band that creates music imbued with the influence of many different sounds and genres. Inspired by bands like Wire and Magazine, their thought-provoking songs and beautiful melodies are bound to take you on a mysterious musical journey.

Created by the inexhaustible creative mind of Milutin Krašević and fed by his lifelong love of creating music, Bones in Butter started as a solo project in 2019. Born in a music-loving household, Milutin’s early love for bands like The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra, along with his affinity for the punk movement and bands like The Stranglers and the Velvet Underground, would be defining influences on his innovative musical mind.

After a short but significant spell in the band “Kasual” in the 90s, Milutin’s musical dream would be postponed for several years. But his creative flame would never be extinguished, as he confesses, “I never stopped composing, experimenting and recording, generating new ideas… Making music is just a part of me, something I need to do to stay alive…”

After enlisting some talented remote studio musicians, Milutin released Bones in Butter’s first EP, “Love or Fear” in 2020. He eventually found a solid local line-up with the addition of talented musicians from Belgrade’s indie music scene like Luna Škopelja (vocals), Todor Živković (guitar), Dejan Škopelja (bass), Fedja Franklin (drums), and Srdjan Popov (mixing and mastering).

Crafting original songs about varied topics such as romance, transhumanism, love, the successes and failures of relationships, corruption, politics, and dystopia, Bones in Butter released their eclectic first album, “Songs for a Sane Society” in 2023.

With Milutin’s fundamental creative effort and resonant voice, along with the input and sound of all its members, the band has grown as a collective creative project over the past three years. Their constantly evolving path also led them to sign with Rexius Records in 2023, as they continue exploring their endless creative possibilities.



Release Date: May 24, 2024