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“Revenge” – A Fierce New Sound 

Use Soap’s New Powerful Song Swedish rock band Use Soap returns with their new release, “Revenge,” on April 5th. Exploring a heavier sound, the track’s strong guitar riffs might bring reminiscences of bands like Metallica and Accept. “We needed a revenge song,” confesses the song’s writer, guitarist David Jakobsson, who,…
February 20, 2024

Dust City Opera

This unexpected alt-rock orchestra materialized out of Albuquerque, New Mexico but they might as well have slipped through an intergalactic portal or stowed away on a derelict spacecraft before crashlanding in the desert. Dust City Opera—Paul Hunton , Clara Byom , Travis Rourk , Scott Brewer , and Jesse Culberson…
January 18, 2024

“Purge” – BaYaT’s New Electrifying EP

A Deep Exploration of Humanity’s Struggles Serbian hard rock band BaYaT is ready to set the world ablaze again with the release of their powerful new EP “Purge” on November 10th. Echoing the sound of bands such as Staind and Five Finger Death Punch, the EP is the second part…
October 11, 2023

One For The Many

Swedish alternative rock band One For The Many believes in writing music for the 99%. Inspired by bands like Muse and Imagine Dragons, their music is infused with a rebellious spirit. Discussing their artistic preferences, the band relays, “We write about the world, and we tell the truth as we…
April 14, 2023

Deathless Orbit

Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret reflects on bad habits as an involuntary circle in their new single “Deathless Orbit”. The song presents some hints of progressive metal and melodic vocals that remind you of James LaBrie. But it also features a straightforward heavy sound with influences stretching from Accept…
February 25, 2022

SKULLPARADE (Physical + Digital)

SKULLPARADE is the first album the band Skull Parade releases via their record label Rexius Records, which will be out 2017-05-26 (Physical) and 2017-07-21 (Digital). Skull Parade are contemplative creators of hard rock music. With themes like mortality and social realism they criticize life itself. As middle aged men, they…
May 15, 2017


With themes like mortality and social realism they criticize life itself. As middle aged men, they write about the dissapointments in life. Their sound creates an impression of a dystopian landscape in the listeners imagination.  You can feel the fear of death, to lose what you have created and to…
May 4, 2017

Skull Parade

Skull Parade was formed by Magnus Högdahl and Magnus Lind in early 2009 after the disbandment of ”Street Stones” where both were members. Shortly after this, they regrouped to form a new band with drummer Bob Warneflo and Erik Anell, a former bandmate of Magnus Lind from the band ”Ichabod…
April 7, 2017