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Deathless Orbit

Bad Habits Die Hard

Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret reflects on bad habits as an involuntary circle in their new single “Deathless Orbit”. The song presents some hints of progressive metal and melodic vocals that remind you of James LaBrie. But it also features a straightforward heavy sound with influences stretching from Accept to Ghost. 

The hammering of the irregular rhythm in the intro seems to act as a metaphor for the unconscious repetition that turns into a bad habit. While this section resolves into a steady pulse, the lyrics describe “involuntary eternal circles like the ones seen in satellites,” in the band’s own words.  

The song was recorded in the autumn of 2021 at the band’s home studio and later produced by Jonathan Thorpenberg. The Gothenburg-based producer is also known as the frontman to the Swedish Melodic Metal band The Unguided. 

The Mörkret strives towards unpretentious simplicity in their sound. There’s comfort and familiarity in their darkness, with strong melodic ingredients to welcome broader audiences. 

All band members played in local cover acts before starting their journey together. They released their first two singles “Hit me” and “Shotgun Legacy” in 2019, followed by three other singles in 2020. 

The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of their first single with the label, “Deathless Orbit”, on April 22nd.

The Mörkret