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The Mörkret

The Mörkret

Alternative Metal, Metal

A Welcoming Darkness

Rexius Records

Österfärnebo, Sweden

The Mörkret


Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret combines the instantly recognizable sound of classic acts like Mustasch and Ghost with unpretentious simplicity. There’s comfort and familiarity in their darkness, with strong melodic ingredients to welcome broader audiences. 

One of the band members draws a parallel to listening to music in their youth. “It’s just like when you played an LP record and lay down on the bed or sofa in a dim-lit room, and just listened.” It’s a safe and sound feeling, allowing you to experience music in a familiar way. 

Their music influences have varied through the years. It started with KISS and British Heavy Metal, becoming more progressive and fusion-oriented along the way. Bands like Muse have also played an important role in their creative process. 

The members of The Mörkret played in local cover bands before starting their journey together. They released their first two singles “Hit me” and “Shotgun Legacy” in 2019, followed by three other singles in 2020. 

The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of their first single with the label, “Deathless Orbit”, on April 22nd. 



Release Date: May 12, 2023