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Therapeutic nostalgia

Rexius Records

Kristianstad, Sweden



Swedish rock solo project Winterland approaches music with a down-to-earth perspective. Reminiscing about 70’s yacht rock bands like Fleetwood Mac, he has discovered music as a therapeutic experience.

Fredrik Nilsson, the project’s creator, describes this experience. “I started writing for therapeutic purposes, and then there were a lot of songs all of a sudden. It has never been obvious that I should be on stage, be a front figure. I’ve just been keeping on really.”

A music enthusiast from an early age, Fredrik has played with several bands over the years, allowing him to develop a mature sound, which permeated his previous project, the band Waterhill.

Describing his experiences with severe burnout, he explains how he relied on music to heal. “I almost worked myself to death. While I was getting sick, I started writing for Waterhill. There were about 20 songs in one month, very creative. I never get tired when I work in the studio, it’s more like relaxation.”

Winterland got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of“Romeo” available, on April the 8th.


“Sara” – Honoring A Friend’s Memory

Release Date: March 15, 2024