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“Sara” – Honoring A Friend’s Memory

Winterland’s Intimate and Versatile New Album

Swedish rock solo project Winterland is set to release its second album, “Sara,” on March 15th. Echoing the styles of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Chris Rea, and Daryl Hall & John Oates, the album encapsulates a diverse spectrum of emotions and stories bound together by Winterland’s signature yacht rock sound.

Touching on subjects like nature, relationships, heartbreak, working life, addiction, and loss, the album’s wide range of emotions and topics is bound to deeply connect with listeners, taking them on a journey marked by its vivid lyrics and atmospheric sounds.

Written by Fredrik Nilsson, the mastermind behind the project, the album was recorded in Winterland Studio, with the collaboration of Björn Engelmann, who mastered the songs at Cuttingroom Studio. Saxophonist Annelie Olhaver was also featured in the track “Out Of Line.”

More than just a collection of songs, “Sara” also serves as a poignant tribute to a deceased friend of the artist. Its songs thus became part of the grieving process and a therapeutic method of channeling emotion. This process became an important part of the album’s creation and a valuable life lesson, as Fredrik confesses, “You can process a lot of emotion and pain through music.”

With its rich tapestry of classic rock influences and profound lyrics, Winterland has crafted a signature sound that reflects the musical and personal maturity of its creator. The project has released various singles and an album since its 2022 debut, after signing with Rexius Records in 2021.

Don’t miss the release of “Sara” on March 15th, and let yourself feel the embrace of its captivating sounds.

Artwork: Sarah Perfekt

Photo: Sarah Perfekt & Bengt Svensson