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Patricia Stehlik

Patricia Stehlik

Thoughtful Electropop

Rexius Records

Knivsta, Sweden

Patricia Stehlik


Electropop Swedish artist Patricia Stehlik has a sober approach to vocal performance that draws influences from artists like Agnes and Halsey. She can go from a velvety low voice to a confident stage presence resulting from years of artistic training.

“One word I really don’t like in songs is “baby”, I just cringe every time I hear it” Stehlik explains. While singing about romance is fine for a few songs, she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a “heartbreak artist”.

Her engagement with music started from an early age, but she made a final commitment in high school. Stehlik attended the renowned academy Kulturama in Stockholm, receiving lessons from figures like Daniel Zangger Borch. The Swedish-Danish artist has coached singers on Sweden’s popular TV show “Idol”.

Patricia Stehlik has also provided topliner tracks for Uppsala-based producer Carrion and rapper Nick Hammer. In 2019, she got signed to Rexius Records and started working on her solo debut. The artist has been collaborating with pop hit-maker Sanna Martinez and producer Jonathan Thorpenberg to solidify her style.



Release Date: October 28, 2022