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Letting go

Swedish electropop artist Patricia Stehlik returns with “Enough”, an honest song about ending a toxic relationship. With deep, dynamic synths and emotional lyrics, the track brings to mind the style of artists like Halsey, Zara Larsson and Veronica Maggio. 

Speaking on the topic of the track, the singer relates, “It’s about leaving a destructive relationship that made you lose yourself completely”. Based on her personal experience, the song describes the difficulty to let go, “Moving on from that person is hard, but you kind of realize that it’s the only option you have”.

Recorded in Gothenburg earlier this year, the singer enlisted the help of producer Jonathan Thorpenberg and part of Rexius Records’ team to assist her with the project.

Patricia Stehlik attended the renowned music academy Kulturama in Stockholm, receiving lessons from figures like Daniel Zangger Borch, famous for his vocal coach role in the TV show “Idol”. She has also provided topliner tracks for Uppsala-based producer Carrion and rapper Nick Hammer.

The singer signed with Rexius Records in 2019, releasing her debut single “You Should Know” earlier this year.  She’s now preparing for the release of “Enough” on October 14th.

Photos by Lukas Stehlik.

Patricia Stehlik