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Pas de Bourrée

Reflections on parenthood

Swedish indie rock band Koala Bar releases “Pas De Bourrée”, a melancholic song about the complexities of being a parent. With an expressive sound reminiscent of artists like The National and Ben Howard, the song’s minimalist style reflects an innovative approach in the band’s sound.

The lyrics, reflecting on a vast range of feelings related to parenthood, are inspired by personal experiences of one of the band members. 

Such experiences, described as “the feeling of inadequacy that comes with becoming a father. But also the feeling of – sometimes – being able to reach acceptance and (. . .) be grateful with what you have”, are thoroughly reflected in the music’s sound and lyrics, described by the artists as “some kind of melancholic gratefulness to life”.

Recorded in October 2021 at the Stigbergsstudion in Gothenburg, the band enlisted the help of producer Petter Lithvall, whom they already name as “more of a band-member by now”.

Starting as a duo in 2015, Koala Bar gained recognition after being nominated in music magazine Gaffa’s Best New Artist category with their 2018 debut album “Di Sorte”. In 2020, they released their second full-length album “Ethos Pathos Locos”. The band has recently welcomed two more members, becoming a quartet.

Koala Bar signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in June 2022, they’re preparing the release of “Pas De Bourée” on October 28th.

Cover art by August Östberg.

Koala Bar