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Face the Train

On the dark future ahead

Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret releases “Face The Train”, a straightforward track filled with strong riffs that remind of the sound of Slayer and melodic vocals reminiscent of Mastodon’s.

Discussing the track’s lyrics, one of the band members relays, “Metaphorically, the train is the future of technology and society, and the deer in the headlights is mankind”. 

Inspired by the work of authors like Yuval Noah Harari, Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein, the song reflects on humanity’s errors. “We’ve built away all the hardships of day to day life which in the past made us the species we are today, and without it, we are feeling more lost”.

Developed from an initial riff in one of the band’s rehearsals and later recorded long distance in each member’s home studio, “Face The Train” explores a “faster and meaner” sound to the one in their previous two singles, “Goddess” and “Deathless Orbit”.

The members of The Mörkret played in various local bands before starting their journey together. They released their first two singles “Hit me” and “Shotgun Legacy” in 2019, followed by three other singles in 2020 and the two previously mentioned songs earlier this year.

The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of “Face The Train” on November 4th.

Cover art and photos by Emil Westin-Skogh.

The Mörkret