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The c-sessions

Through life’s journeys

Swedish alternative country band Gravy Train releases “The c-sessions”, an EP full of double meanings, life experiences and a characteristic country sound reminiscent of the style of Kris Kristofferson and Zac Brown. 

With a songwriting style influenced by artists like The Clash and Weezer, the album touches on a varied set of topics inspired by personal experiences such as addiction, love, mental illness, bullying and existence.

Songs like “My Battles”, “Monday”, and “A Brand New Day” are described by the band’s leader, Jonas Frykman, as “ambiguous”, with multiple meanings that are left “up to the listener” to interpret.

A notable exception is the song “Tommy”, a reflective piece about bullying, inspired by events of Jonas’ childhood. 

Recorded in January 2022 in the Stigbergsstudion in Gothenburg. The band enlisted the help of producer Petter Lithvall, with notable guest musician violinist Alice Thorsell featured in “A Brand New Day” and ”Monday”.

Gravy Train released their first singles on Spotify in 2019, continuing with more songs in 2020 and the early release of “A Brand New Day” and “Monday” this year. The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of “The c-Sessions” on October 14th.

Cover art by Gravy Train.

Gravy Train