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SKULLPARADE (Physical + Digital)

SKULLPARADE (Physical + Digital)

SKULLPARADE is the first album the band Skull Parade releases via their record label Rexius Records, which will be out 2017-05-26 (Physical) and 2017-07-21 (Digital).

Skull Parade are contemplative creators of hard rock music. With themes like mortality and social realism they criticize life itself. As middle aged men, they write about the dissapointments in life. Their sound creates an impression of a dystopian landscape in the listeners imagination. As a listener you feel the fear of death, to lose what you have created and to miss the opportunities in life.

Skull Parade are driven by their desire to produce exceptional and enduring works. They don’t give any answers to the fears they have, and will not provide any comfort for the listener. There are plenty of bands and artists with uplifting music. Skull Parade is not one of them. Skull Parade is something different.

"Rich hard rock with very strong vocals." - Sweden Rock Magazine 7/10

July 21, 2017