Set Me Free

About longing and release Swedish rock solo project Winterland returns with “Set Me Free”, an evocative song full of poetic imagery and a classic rock inspired sound that can be reminiscent of the style of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty or Hall and Oates. Explaining the song’s main topic, Fredrik…
October 10, 2022


Sun-kissed piano rock sounds and an undertone of apocalyptic optimism coexist in “Summer”, an ambiguous soundtrack for the climate-anxious. Gothenburg quintet Day Felice livens up an imaginary summer party in the middle of the literal fires, with a nihilistic euphoria that reminds of classic end-of-the-world arena rock anthems by R.E.M.…
April 9, 2021

Act I: It Starts With a Bow

Roll back the theater drapes and immerse yourself into the first act of Wolver's victorian rock opera. The remarkable travelling show from Sweden now presents "Act I: It Starts with a Bow": Stories whispered by a messenger raven with a sound reminiscent of Royal Blood's debut album, at times also…
September 11, 2020


Swedish rock trio Wolver presents us with “101”, the second single building up to their debut album. The energetic banger portrays satirical meta-commentary on being a rock band and following your dreams in this day and age, with memorable riffs in a style reminiscent of The Black Keys and certain…
April 16, 2020

The Shatterheads

There is a whole palette of classic indie rock sounds in The Shatterheads’ self-titled debut album. From the colorful chords of opener N.19, to the anthemic Ultra-Girl, the Malmö-based quartet depicts candid portraits of college student introspection, young love, and daydreams with no end, all through balanced and unassuming songwriting.…
February 25, 2020

My Wife, the Witch

Wolver's nomadic spectacle narrates stories of a parallel world with problems much different from our own, where magic and prophecies intertwine with the complexities of human nature. With majestic Queen-like vocal harmonies and the most varied flavors of theatrical rock, "My Wife, the Witch" recounts the unfair condemnation of a…
February 19, 2020


Behold the marvelous traveling show of Wolver, a Swedish trio of peculiar entertainers: The Protagonist (lead vocals and guitar), The Brawler (drums), and The Charmer (guitar). In a world parallel to ours where prophecies and magic still rule over human existence, their nomadic spectacle enlightens audiences with a sound that…
February 18, 2020


Swedish band One Light's second single "Run" encapsulates the expressive power of simplicity. Evoking that "by your side" heartwarming feel that captivates audiences on live arena performances, the song’s memorable, easygoing pop-rock melodies have the potential to become a new favorite for fans of acts like Kings of Leon or…
October 1, 2019

Travel With The Sun

From Ziggy Stardust to Muse, the abundance of space-inspired songs and albums proves that the glorious spirit of intergalactic exploration suits rock music quite well. The figure of the brave cosmic traveler has a lot in common with some of the greatest guitar heroes and stadium rock bands, who in…
June 26, 2019

Beggars & Buskers

As springtime is starting to bloom across a cloudy Sweden, so is the indie rock trio Surfin’ Charlie. With upbeat pop rock riffs with a hint of old punk, their new single “Beggars & Buskers” will echo across every corner of every city. The pop-influence in the song is similar…
Rexius Records
March 21, 2019