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Saint Peter’s Thursday

Saint Peter’s Thursday


Rexius Records

Christchurch, New Zealand

Saint Peter’s Thursday


Saint Peter’s Thursday: Taking No Prisoners

Meet The Trio’s Unapologetic Sound and Unique Synergy

Saint Peter’s Thursday is a powerhouse grunge trio hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand. Drawing inspiration from bands like Soundgarden and IDLES, the trio has shaped a potent and distinctive sound, emerging as a force to be reckoned with.

The band has cultivated a unique synergy since their formation in 2014. With the powerful vocals and guitar of Anand Yoganathan, the raw bass tones of Aaron Wildermoth, and the bursting drum sounds of Sam Lane, the influences of many different genres like rock, grunge, and metal have fused into their sound.

Known for their powerful live performances, the band has become an outstanding force in the Christchurch scene. The trio has cultivated a cult following that intimately connects to their vibrant soundscapes, enigmatic lyrics, and the spontaneous and collaborative magic of their creative process.

Following the release of their debut album “death SALT” in 2023, Saint Peter’s Thursday signed with Rexius Records, a collaboration that is bound to bring out the best of a band known to take no prisoners.


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