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Oskar With K

Oskar With K


Rexius Records

Karlskoga, Sweden

Oskar With K


Oskar With K – Songs of Light and Shadows
An Emerging Storyteller in Swedish Pop
Oskar With K is a promising talent in the Swedish pop scene who creates songs that come from the deepest corners of his heart. Drawing inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi, Oskar’s music is a reflection of his life’s journey, transitioning from a challenging past to a present filled with hope and happiness.

Oskar With K’s musical journey began with a dream and a passion for storytelling. His songs are intimate retellings of his life experiences, portraying a poignant picture of his early life’s hardships and his resilience to overcome them, as well as his gratitude for the most positive aspects of his present life.

“I usually like to divide my life into 2 parts, dark and light.” Oskar relays, as he describes the inspiration behind his lyrics. His early life struggles with bullying, addiction, mental health issues, and isolation were prevalent during the first twenty years of his life. In later years, his path shifted towards a more positive direction, as he rediscovered his confidence, found a promising career in healthcare, and encountered new answers after being diagnosed with ADD.

Oskar’s music reflects the lights and shadows of those experiences. His songs can be both intimate confessions of hardship and also uplifting musings about his better days. He’s bound to move audiences with his natural talent as a storyteller, his synthpop influences, and his expressive vocal performances.

His musical journey started with the synthpop duo Just A View. This musical collaboration led him to explore a solo career as an independent artist, collaborating with various producers who helped him expand his musical vision.

Oskar With K has released five singles since his solo debut in 2022. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records, as he hopes to share more of his songs of light and shadows.



Release Date: August 30, 2024