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Linn Willner

Linn Willner


Rexius Records

Linköping, Sweden

Linn Willner


Linn Willner – Painting Life Stories
A Sincere New Voice in Swedish Pop
Linn Willner is a Swedish pop artist who sees music as a haven and a bridge to connect to others. Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, JVKE, and Lana Del Rey, her genre-blending songs reflect the intimate musings of a soul that has found a way to shine through all hardships.

“My music is a canvas upon which I paint the stories of my life,” Linn confesses, detailing the deeply personal nature of her songs, which serve as reflections of her emotions, experiences, and life lessons.

Music has been a lifelong, cathartic companion for Linn. She started writing songs at age 4 and learned to play the piano at age 6. After being diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 13, she found an even deeper, introspective meaning to her art, discovering in music a haven of solace, release, and expression. “For me, music isn’t just something I enjoy—it’s something that’s always been there for me, making tough times a bit easier and good times even better.”

After finding the inspiration to pursue a music career, Linn’s creative drive grew stronger, with each note bringing a little victory, and the comforting knowledge that her art would always lift her spirits. She began sharing her candid, intimate songs with the world, hoping they serve as a reminder that we’re never truly alone in our struggles, hopes, and dreams.

Linn Willner released her debut single in 2021, followed by four more singles over the past three years. In 2023, she signed with Rexius Records, as she continues to connect with listeners through her emotive and captivating songs.


All My Love

Release Date: September 6, 2024