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Linda Englund

Linda Englund


Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden

Linda Englund


Linda Englund – Singing with Her Heart on Her Sleeve
A Passionate Voice in Swedish Pop
Swedish pop artist Linda Englund embraces the power of vulnerability in her music. Inspired by the sounds of artists like Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry, she masterfully blends multiple influences to create a genuine and passionate sound.

Linda’s deep-seated passion for music became the driving force behind her artistic journey. Her love for singing began in early childhood, prompting her to perform in various stages by the age of fifteen. Following her musical studies, Linda traveled to LA at the age of eighteen to pursue a career in music. Her time in LA was notably marked by the inclusion of her song “Kisses Taste Like Christmas” in the movie “A Holiday Heist” in 2011.

After a momentary hiatus, Linda reignited her solo career in 2020, publishing original songs that showcased her evolving talent as a songwriter. Her singles “Ashamed” and “Why” received airtime on Norwegian and Swedish radio stations.

For Linda, songwriting is a therapeutic experience. She delves into topics some might find challenging to address, drawing inspiration from her personal struggles with toxic relationships, love, current world events, and the stories of those around her.

Linda Englund signed with Rexius Records in 2023, ready to continue touching hearts with her powerful voice and authentic lyrics.


“Where’s the World Going” – A Poignant Reminder

Release Date: June 7, 2024