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“Kalami” – Living the Perfect Moment

Ryan Mark Elliott’s New Magical Single

Welsh progressive rock artist Ryan Mark Elliott is set to release his latest single “Kalami” on May 17th. Echoing the style of bands like Roxy Music, The Dream Academy, and Air, the song’s captivating atmosphere portrays the magic of a perfect moment.

With its soothing harmonies and beautiful instrumentation, “Kalami” is the musical portrait of a cherished moment with a loved one. Inspired by a real-life experience of the artist, the song’s visual lyrics showcase the details of a couple’s dreamy scenario, as they find a haven from the chaos of daily life in a heavenly place on earth.

Written and mixed by Ryan Mark Elliott, the song was co-produced by him and Andrew Bishop at the Giant Wafer Studios in Wales. It was mastered by Tony Cousins at the Metropolis Studios. The recording included the performance of Aled Lloyd on the drums, Dan Nelson on the fretless bass guitar, and the expressive backing vocals of Becky Winfield.

The single’s artwork, created by Ryan’s long-term collaborator Darlee Ubiztondo, features a postcard style that references Lawrence Durrell’s White House, located close to where the real-life event took place.

“Kalami” marks a step forward in Ryan Mark Elliott’s new artistic direction, exploring sounds that reflect his evolving outlook on life, filled with gratitude, mindfulness, and beauty.

Ryan’s music perfectly blends musical dexterity and artistic self-expression. His talent as a professional musician has served as a perfect medium to capture the magic of his inner world.

After releasing his debut album “Between a Disillusion and Resolution” in 2020 and various singles over the past few years, Ryan signed with Rexius Records in 2023, ready to continue sharing his inner voice with the world. Don’t miss the release of “Kalami” on May 17th, and immerse yourself in its magical soundscape.

Artwork: Happy Lee

Photo: Bethan Miller

Ryan Mark Elliott