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“Wonderfun” – A Colorful Bridge Between the Past and the Present

The Swedish Pop Project’s Exciting Self-titled Debut Album

Swedish pop project Wonderfun is set to unveil its self-titled debut album “Wonderfun,” on November 10th. Echoing the sounds of iconic bands like The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, and The Beach Boys, the band’s signature retro-pop sound shines through an album that is full of varied topics.

The album was written, performed, and produced by Wonderboy, the enigmatic mastermind behind the project. It was recorded across various studios in Malmö, Sweden, enlisting the collaboration of sound engineer Andy Lundgren and Filip Runesson, who served as string arranger and performer. Additionally, David Birde and Rasmus Svensson contributed as guitarists.

“Wonderfun” delves into a great variety of topics, from relationships and cameras to childhood, the Swedish king, and introspection. Yet, the prevailing theme is “love.” As Wonderboy puts it, “Even when I don´t write about love the topic is love.”

Bursting onto the pop scene with a fresh yet classic sound, Wonderfun offers a unique blend that bridges past and present, inviting audiences to relive the joy of nostalgic pop while dancing to modern beats.

Having recently signed with Rexius Records in 2023, Wonderfun’s musical journey is just beginning. Don’t miss the captivating magic of the project’s self-titled debut, releasing on November 10th.

Artwork & photos by: Wonderfun