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Bringing Nostalgic Pop Sounds into the Modern Age

Rexius Records

Malmö, Sweden



Experience the Joyful Sounds of Wonderfun
Bringing Nostalgic Pop Sounds into the Modern Age
Wonderfun is a Swedish pop project led by a talented multi-instrumentalist known as Wonderboy. The project blends retro-pop influences from bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys with more modern sounds like Weezer and Rex Orange County, creating a unique and joyful listening experience.

With a sound that’s heavily influenced by the electric piano and other classic keyboards, Wonderfun’s music is sure to get you tapping your feet and humming along in no time. But it’s not just the catchy melodies and harmonies that make this project so special – it’s also the sense of wonder and playfulness that infuses every note.

Wonderboy has been writing pop songs all his life, developing a unique and recognizable musical style that has remained consistent over time. While his melodies and use of keyboards and pianos give a nod to classic pop sounds, his lyrics have evolved to become more diverse than the typical boy-meets-girl love stories of his early days.

Wonderfun signed with Rexius Records in 2023 and the world eagerly awaits what comes next with this pop project that is sure to delight listeners for years to come.


Ugly Girl

Release Date: May 17, 2024