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Finding balance in music

Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden



Danish, Sweden-based pop artist LAKRITS uses music as a way to awaken an important part of himself. With a broad range of inspirations such as The Weeknd, KAYTRANADA, BANKS and Tame Impala, his music feeds on different genres to create a signature sound.

“Music has become a center for me – where I feel safe, where I don’t have any expectations on myself” he relays, explaining how his longtime passion for music allows him to awaken a more flexible side of him. “(it’s) the only part of my personality where I am comfortable improvising, where I feel fine doing mistakes and where things can take as long as they want to.”

With a background as an analytics engineer, his regular logical and calculating personality is balanced by the freedom music provides. A balance that has become essential in his life, “music is the necessary piece for my personality, my well-being and my mindset to be complete”.

Using his resonating baritone voice, colorful melodic lines and a shifting definition of the pop genre, LAKRITS, which translates to Licorice, creates a bittersweet mix of melancholy, kindness and a bit of fire to it, a perfect mixture that reminds you of Licorice.

LAKRITS released his debut single, “Momentarily Free” in 2021, followed by two more singles in 2022. In that same year he signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, aiming to share more of his passion with the world.


“Short Expiration Date” –  A Reflection on Fleeting Love

Release Date: February 2, 2024