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“Short Expiration Date” –  A Reflection on Fleeting Love

LAKRITS’ Intimate New Single

Sweden-based pop artist LAKRITS returns with a personal reflection on casual relationships as he releases his new track “Short Expiration Date” on February 2nd. With its expressive melodies, pulsating synths, and acoustic guitar base, the track echoes the styles of artists like Lauv and Jon Bellion.

Inspired by LAKRITS’ personal experiences, “Short Expiration Date” delves into the transitory nature of casual relationships, portraying short-lived romances through its metaphoric and vivid lyrics.

But beyond the temporary charm of fleeting love, the lyrics also question the motivations behind casual flings, as the singer reflects on all the times he rejected romances that could have grown into enduring relationships, wondering what could have been.

“Short Expiration Date” was written, produced, and mixed by LAKRITS in his bedroom studio, where he has prolifically produced most of his work. The track was also mastered by producer Nico Koufakis.

LAKRITS sees music as an opportunity to be free and explore a more carefree side of himself. Through a bittersweet mix of melancholy, kindness, and a bit of fire, his songs have a way of reminding you of licorice, just like the translation of his artist name.

LAKRITS debuted in 2021 with his single “Momentarily Free,” releasing various singles over the past three years. In 2022, he signed with Rexius Records, looking to share more of his passion with the world.

Don’t miss the release of “Short Expiration Date” on February 2nd and let yourself be moved by its captivating melodies and intimate lyrics. 

Artwork & photo: Levon Shaya