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“Once In A Lifetime” – Living Without Regrets

Fortitude!’s Awaited New EP

UK-based rock band Fortitude! is set to release their upcoming EP, “Once In A Lifetime,” on February 16th. Echoing the sound of bands like The Cult and The Coral, the EP touches on the magic of instant love and the importance of seizing the chance to connect with a special someone.

As the follow-up release to the band’s debut album “Reverie,” the EP’s songs are primarily a creative effort from the duo of Ben Evans and Dan Rogers with Ben’s lyrics providing the focus at the heart of their sound. Key inputs come from producer Keith Holmes and other band members Matt Watts, Jody Knight and Ben Spode.

The EP revolves around the idea of unexpected love after a fortuitous, and maybe fateful, encounter with a stranger. It reflects on these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, portraying the magic of living life without ever wondering what could have been.

“Once In A Lifetime” consists of four tracks that revolve around the same concept, portraying the charm of living life to the fullest, appreciating its beauty, and seizing the opportunities that come along the way.

The EP was recorded at Nam Studios, which has boasted artists such as KT Tunstall and Royal Blood, and refined at Jellyneck Productions with the collaboration of producer Keith Holmes, who mixed and mastered the project with the contribution of George Waters in the mixing process.

Fortitude! emerges from the enduring legacy of UK rock with a sound that is both deeply rooted in its tradition and also profoundly personal. After the release of their debut album “Reverie,” the band teamed up with Rexius Records in 2023, aiming to continue expanding their contribution to rock.

Don’t miss the release of “Once In A Lifetime” on February 16th.

Artwork & photo: Mark Harris & Keith Holmes