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“Something about you” – An Inevitable Love Story

CEDER’s New Captivating Song

Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter CEDER is set to release her new single “Something about you” on February 9th. Echoing the sounds of artists like Gabrielle Aplin and Gracie Abrams, this evocative track tells a story about inevitable love.

Inspired by a real-life love story, the song’s moving lyrics are a testament to CEDER’s talent for storytelling. They describe the profound connection between two people who know they are destined to part ways soon, but still can’t help falling deeply in love with each other, capturing the poignant beauty of their connection.

Recorded in CEDER’s home studio, the song was written and produced by her, with the collaboration of Nico Koufakis in the mixing and mastering process. With its bittersweet lyrics and catchy chorus, “Something about you” portrays a lighter, warmer sound than CEDER’s previous songs, captivating listeners with its soft arrangements and intimate lyrics.

CEDER’s music explores the beauty of vulnerability, touching on intimate subjects that reflect the richness of her inner self and the stories of her life and the lives of those around her. Her songs inspire listeners to find solace in music through the comforting embrace of our shared human experience.

Since 2017, CEDER has released several singles and two EPs. She signed with Rexius Records in 2023, ready to continue sharing her intimate music with the world. 

Don’t miss the release of “Something about you” on February 9th.

Artwork & photo: Johanna Petterson