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Rexius Records

Bath, UK



Fortitude! – Crafting Anthems of Rock
The UK Rock Band’s Unique and Passionate Sound
Fortitude! is a UK-based rock band that channels the spirit of classic rock, infusing it with a modern touch and an innate passion for making music that will move you. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Darkness, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World, their songs take listeners on vivid and heart-pumping journeys.

Emerging from the enduring legacy of British rock, Fortitude! stands as a living tribute to the sounds of legendary UK bands, as they channel the individual essence of their members through their signature rock sound.

With their anthemic songs and passionate sound, Fortitude! creates music that has a memorable, classic sound, but is also uniquely their own, evoking echoes of the golden eras of UK rock while maintaining a deeply personal songwriting style.

After releasing their debut album, ‘Reverie’, Fortitude! has continued to touch audiences with their authentic lyrics and evocative storytelling.

Fortitude! signed with Rexius Records in 2023, a step further in the band’s path and a partnership that promises new heights and horizons for this vibrant band.


“Once In A Lifetime” – Living Without Regrets

Release Date: February 16, 2024