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“Horizon” – Freeing Yourself From the Shackles

Hanna Arby’s New Poignant Gem 

Swedish indie pop artist Hanna Arby is set to release her latest single “Horizon” on February 23rd. Echoing the sound of artists like Billie Eilish and Agnes Obel, this poetic, piano-driven track is bound to captivate audiences with its expressive melodies.

“Horizon” narrates a vivid story about captivity and freedom, utilizing metaphors to portray poetic images. It was inspired by Hanna’s struggles with mental health and the power of acceptance and compassion as tools to free yourself from the burdens of depression.

Co-written by Hanna Arby and her friend Linnéa Nilsson, “Horizon” was recorded in the studio at Ingesunds Folkhögskola, where Hanna studied songwriting and music production. The track features her friends Johan Andersson and Robin Koutakis Wohlin as performers of drums and bass, respectively. It was mixed and mastered by Tobias Nilsson-Mäki.

As a fresh voice in Swedish indie pop, Hanna Arby cherishes meaningful connections as both the genesis and the goal of her songs. Her friends have proven to be a defining influence in her career, becoming a source of inspiration for her lyrics, co-writers, and performers in her concerts and studio recordings.

Hanna Arby debuted with two singles in 2022. In 2023, she signed with Rexius Records, looking to make more meaningful connections with her captivating music. 

Don’t miss the release of “Horizon” on February 23rd and immerse yourself in its poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Artwork & photo: Hanna Arby

Hanna Arby