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“This Feeling” – Escaping Your Emotions

California Kids’ New Song About Love and Fear

American indie rock band California Kids are gearing up to release their newest single, “This Feeling,” on November 3rd. Echoing the sounds of The Strokes and The 1975, the song reflects on the difficulties of coping with feelings in a relationship.

With its bouncing bass, energetic guitar riffs, mesmerizing vocals, and atmospheric sounds, the song is a collage of feelings inspired by the personal experiences of one of the band members. It dwells in the fears that are awakened in a romantic relationship, driving someone to escape from it.

The song was written by the band and produced, mastered, and mixed by Matthew Rozman, one of the band members. It is part of the band’s continuous exploration of sounds, as they craft music that resonates with the complexities of life and the spirit of youth.

California Kids have mastered a unique blend of ‘90s shoegaze, alternative rock, and modern indie pop. Their music reflects on themes that are both timeless and contemporary, speaking to a generation that’s grappling with the trials and tribulations of modern life.

In 2022, California Kids signed with Rexius Records, aiming to continue leaving their mark on the indie rock scene. Don’t miss the release of “This Feeling” on November 3rd and immerse yourself in this emotional soundscape.

Artwork & Photos by: California Kids

California Kids