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“No Regrets” – Moments That Change Lives

ARQ’s New Anthem About Regret

Malaysian alternative rock band ARQ (Azlan Ramli Quartet) is set to release their new single, “No Regrets,” on November 17th. Exploring the painful nature of permanent decisions, the song crafts a groovy sound inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication era and atmospheric elements reminiscent of U2.

With its catchy chorus and dynamic riffs, “No Regrets” delves into the lasting regrets of life-changing moments that leave us wondering what could have been. Initially conceived as a ballad, the song’s sorrowful lyrics hide beneath an energetic groove, allowing listeners to bop their heads to a tune that is, in fact, profoundly sad.

“No Regrets” underwent a significant transformation during its recording process at Iseekmusic Studios in Kuala Lumpur, evolving into a rock anthem anyone can sing along to. Written by Azlan Ramli, the single was produced by the band, with Mohammed Shah Mokhtarizal also contributing to the mixing. The mastering was handled by Dimas Achonk at Studiomimpi.

Since its formation in 2022, ARQ has infused its music with elements of genres as varied as ’90s rock, blues, and reggae, crafting a new wave-influenced sound full of strong hooks and versatile musical ideas. 

Earlier in 2023, they teamed up with Rexius Records, ready to share more of their unique sound with the world. Don’t miss the release of “No Regrets” on November 17th, a song that masterfully encapsulates the universal sentiment of regret.

Artwork by: Flows Studio

Photo by: Amin Aziz