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“Use Soap” – When the Band Becomes a Song

Use Soap’s New Song Captures Their Core Essence

Swedish rock band Use Soap is ready to release their eponymous new song “Use Soap” on January 26th. Echoing the ‘90s alternative rock influence of bands like Supergrass and Levellers, the band has crafted a song that is meant to capture their essence.

Speaking on the idea behind the song’s conception, one of the band members relays, “Every band needs a song with the same name as the band.” Using one of their older riffs, they managed to infuse the track with unique energy and a memorable chorus.

“Use Soap” was written by David Jakobsson and Oscar Ringqvist, two of the band members, as they set out to recreate the band’s essence through a song. The track’s catchy melodies and energetic sound were recorded in Gothenburg’s Stigbergsstudio, with the help of producer Petter Lithvall, who also mixed and mastered the song.

As they craft music through their unique creative flow, Use Soap also wishes to constantly remind listeners of the need to use soap. With their easygoing and sincere flow of creativity and their authentic and carefree personality, the band has continued to captivate listeners since their signing with Rexius Records in 2021.

Don’t miss the release of “Use Soap” on January 26th and always remember to use soap!

Artwork: Oliver Höglund

Photo: Anna Netterberg

Use Soap