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“Conical Shell” – The Musings of a Contemplative Soul

DAVIDD’s New Acoustic Gem

UK indie artist DAVIDD is set to release his new single “Conical Shell” on January 26th. Echoing the sound of artists like Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, this wistful acoustic song represents the conclusion of the year’s musical journey for the artist, and the promise of more to come.

”Conical Shell” is bound to captivate audiences with its intimate, minimalist approach, along with its picturesque and reflective lyrics. The song was recorded at Sutton Wood Studios with the assistance of producer Will Davies, through a creative synergy that allowed it to maintain its essential expressive sound.

“Conical Shell” represents a more mature, bittersweet sound from DAVIDD, as it seeks to encourage a contemplative, almost meditative state in its listeners. With its release, DAVIDD embarks on a new phase of his artistic journey, pledging to continue sharing more of his intimate creations in the year to come.

DAVIDD’s music is a beacon of authenticity in the indie music landscape, his songs never shy away from exploring the full range of human emotions. Since his debut in 2022, he has earned positive reviews, podcast interviews, and airplay on notable platforms, including BBC INTRODUCING, iHeartRadio, aBreak Music, Voice FM, Amazing Radio, and more.

In 2023, DAVIDD signed with Rexius Records, as he continues to grow and develop his unique artistic voice. Don’t miss the release of his new acoustic gem “Conical Shell” on January 26th.

Artwork & photo: DAVIDD